Losing Our Sense Of Reality

Our minds have been altered to accept ideas that are contrary to reality. Words, images and beliefs have been introduced, and we just follow along, singing their songs.

Who are ‘they’? Things don’t just happen – never did, never will. Everything comes about through causes and conditions, and everything has consequences. Those who know this, and have the resources, can make things happen. All that is needed is an idea dropped in the right place for it to spread.

Unfortunately, we have to see what’s happening right under our noses, and look at our own conformity. We, as Buddhists, prostrate when we enter a shrine room; this is meant counteract our pride. Maybe this works for certain societies, but in the west, it actually signals pride – but we all do it (possibly so that we don’t upset others); the Solomon Asche experiment showed how people can be made to conform against their better judgement.

This is now called ‘virtue signalling’ – letting others know that we are politically correct, having adopted someone else’s reality, or ‘virtues’. This is where we claim to be deeply concerned about some moral issue, when it is really all about ourselves.

This used to be called hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy: from Greek hupokrisis – acting a theatrical part, from hupokrinesthai – to play a part, to pretend.

We are so tied up in knots by trying to please others and appear righteous that we cause problems for ourself and those around us by being too sensitive and too careful, trying too hard while having to accept unfairness, cruelty and disparaging remarks intended to humiliate or embarrass. We behave like this to gain a sense of power, known as the ‘put down’.

When we become involved in all of this, we lose the sense of reality which is what we truly are – that pure being before all the theatricals. This upset is meant to distract us, to get us going … “We want freeeedom! When do we want it? Now!” 😀

Once we are no longer distracted,
we are free of the madness of others
– those who believe they are not free.

Here is a subtle, insidious perversion; we are told to ‘keep it real’. To them, this means to remain honest, genuine, and authentic; to be ‘true to ourself’. The perversion is that, in reality, this self is a phantom self – the self image acquired by wanting to impress others, which is the theatrical act we have adopted.

What we truly are is pure consciousness. They want you to forget that, to keep everybody on the same page – their page – at the same time. We’re all suckers for a singalong! A singalong culture that wants to cancel the past by virtue signalling lays the way for a ‘new’ beginning, or the great reset.

Make people dissatisfied, and they will want change.

The problem for these malpractitioners
is that dissatisfaction can also lead to enlightenment.

Here’s another cliché;
“Every cloud has a silver lining”,
which means that darkness is only known by the presence of light!

This proves that the dark theatrics can never win,
as there is light all around.

That light is the emptiness of clarity
which results in empathy and constant well-being.

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