Our Self Is Our Bubble Of Suffering

What we call our self is merely consciousness bound in abstract concepts, existing in thought only and having no physical reality. Consciousness is unchanging, and has merely a temporary body and memory.

Identifying with these abstract thoughts makes consciousness (us) feel vulnerable. Our attempt at protection is merely a thin bubble, a veneer. It is this that makes us defensive because we don’t know the complete picture of our reality. We’d rather live by abstract ideas than actual events, and this is how we misunderstand everything.

Existing in a bubble makes the world a scary place, as we fear that anything can burst it, especially when a different way of seeing is presented.

As a bubble collective,
we froth ourselves up into a sweaty lather,
agitated and excited through fear and hope.

And for good reason. There are Machiavellian, cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous people working in this world, who meet together in the guise of making the world a better place. But for whom? “Build a better bubble” perhaps?

Once our bubble has been burst (the Dharma sees to that), we can fully appreciate all the manipulation going on. All the why’s and how’s.

Free outside our bubble and away from the froth, we deal with the raw experience, day by day, moment by moment and, as such, there is no time to suffer or be scared. In this way, we can cope with real life.

Our bubble is a bauble of babble.
Burst the bubble, and our mind becomes coherent.

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