Why We Cannot Relate To One Another

Even though the ‘view’ of pure consciousness is the original essence of all sentient beings, different levels of fixations obscure this ‘view’, causing obstacles when relating or empathising with one another. We are all too busy in our own little worlds, and this is a global problem; it is our fixations/attachments that divide us.

Being at one with anyone is an extremely rare and precious event. People talk to one another, but actually say nothing. All we do is express our confusion about our past, and fantasise about the future.

The moment now has become a cliché, but when we find ourselves in a moment of honest experience – especially when that experience is one of anxiety or depression – we have a chance to recognise the cause of suffering … our illusory self-identity!

Being at one with anything is simply caring, which employs empathy with that situation. It doesn’t matter how we feel about ourselves and others, the pure view of consciousness brings us back to our true reality, our true home.

In the moment now, there is no need to relate:
there is merely shared appreciation of the wind in the trees.

We relate in silence,
without conflict or projection.

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