Why Use The Word ‘Emptiness’?

The word ’empty’ is the opposite of the word ‘full’.

The mind and consciousness are, by nature, clear.
We recognise this in the very first empty instant of seeing,
before we start judging and filling up.

Our minds are full of opinions, fixations and obsessions that we cling to, and which distract consciousness. This is why we become anxious and confused about our actual reality, being unaware that we are pure, bright consciousness.

When the mind is free of stress, it returns to emptiness, and consciousness finds peace. We find peace. This is where our true intelligence lies – seeing directly, rather than through a cluttered mind.

If we ignore pure consciousness, we become pseudo-intellectuals, always ready to try and impress; by thinking we are right, we use knowledge as a weapon. Constantly judging, we sentence ourselves through misunderstanding the nature of reality.

If we fixate on phenomena, we suffer, as all phenomena cannot be said to truly exist. It is impermanent and only exists in time; being a temporary arrangement of elements, it has a beginning, a middle and an end, and is thus empty of any true existence.

Know emptiness, know perfect peace.

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