Our Path To Perfect Happiness

Our path to perfect happiness does not rely either on others or on conditions. Our path to happiness – and ultimately, enlightenment – is aloneness = oneness = non-duality. Inspiration is everywhere and in abundance because we are open, without distracting influences. Those distracting influences are now an inspiration to help us stay centred. This is our unique individual path of realisation; we do not arrive as a group.

A time comes when we have to drop anything learned, as realisation is direct, raw experience beyond words.

Our path is undoing our karmic constructs
– whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Some paths have flowers.
Some paths have sharp stones.
Some paths embody, “This is it!”
Some paths embody, “This isn’t it!”

Whether pleasant or unpleasant, this is not a group effort.
Groups don’t become enlightened.

Drop believing.
Start knowing.

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