Are We Fresh Or Frozen?

Fresh is raw experience in this moment.
Frozen is imported baggage imposed on this moment.

We are subject to both, but one will dominate.
Are we a positive person, or do we worry?

Whether we like it or not, it’s obvious that we live in the “age of strife”, so most raw experiences are unpleasant. This is why the real Dharma teachings are so potent; when life is pleasant, we don’t bother.

In the age of strife, evil hasn’t a clue that it can actually wake people up – inadvertently. 😀 It is in this very unpleasantness that we experience the raw deal of life that creates fresh emotions which are, in fact, wisdom. We are never totally negative as our essence is raw, pure consciousness.

Even though there are dark clouds over us, there is always an element of light, an aura, a distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person.

One might think that pleasant situations would wake us up, but do they? From an semi-enlightened point of view (and we are all semi-enlightened :-)), everything is frozen, imported baggage that we think is fresh.

If things are pleasant, we swoon and drift along, overcome with admiration and adoration – “Isn’t my package nice?” In focusing on the pleasant, we try to maintain it but end up freezing it.

If things are unpleasant, our wits sharpen. Having sharpened our wits/consciousness, the pleasant is taken in our stride. We arrive at one taste, bothered neither by the pleasant nor the unpleasant. If we only want the pleasant, we will never be able to deal with the unpleasant – the raw deal.

The raw deal is anything outside our comfort zone.

Frozen Dharma packages charm us into believing that we are awake.
Fresh Dharma is the beautiful rawness of life that awakens.

Better to be awake than to be a clever scholar

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