Prostrating To A Pedestal

Pedestal: the base for a statue.
Putting someone on a pedestal: to think of someone as a perfect person with no faults.

In Tibetan Buddhism, we call the teacher ‘Rinpoche’; the precious one. Other traditions give other titles, all of which distance us from the supposed heights of their perfection. When we accept this view, we over-idealise the teacher and see ourselves as insignificant.

Being in awe of decorative paraphernalia, robes and buildings sets us apart. When we indulge in admiration of the facades, the statues, the art … we are looking in the wrong direction.

The bar to perfection is set so high that we ordinary mortals cannot comprehend the wonders of heaven/nirvana, seeing such symbols as meaningful while we are meaningless – or so we think.

This isn’t about insurrection;
it’s about our reality.

If we are adoring a representation rather than realising our true nature,
we have lost the plot.

Don’t devalue your self.
This self is our true teacher.

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