Spiritually Up-Tight

Up-tight: anxious, angry, tense, and difficult to be with.

Basically, this is fear.
Been there, done that.

Ordinary people are mostly up-tight, but so-called spiritual people are a little more so!

Being up-tight is holding on the rules, while making life hell. Rigidly conventional in manners, unable to express true feelings, unwilling to loosen up and let go are all signs of up-tightness and immaturity. Some express a pseudo-carefreeness, but they’re just being flakey and unreliable 😉 Where there is up-tightness, there is conformity, friction, conflict and … “Do I have to be like that?”

How do we become truly carefree and un-up-tight?
Merely by recognising that we are up-tight and controlling
gives rise to honest, empathetic humour,
manifesting from relaxed confidence.

Where does confidence come from?
From knowing that everyone’s true essence is pure consciousness.

Other people are not the enemy.
Our mind is.
Our mind is also our precious teacher.

You are good.

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