Where We Went Wrong!

Basically, consciousness – what we are – becomes excited about being conscious, motivating us to want more, which creates our karma, our life story. And we’re doing this right now …

If reincarnation is correct, then we have been doing this for infinite life times. This is why our habits of likes and dislikes are so strong. Even if we don’t accept reincarnation, this distraction is still evidence that we are constantly moving away from our true reality. And we’re all doing this right now …

How to go right 🙂
We merely recognise what is happening in our mind at every moment. Don’t feel guilty; we are all in the same boat. We all forget our true nature of pure consciousness.

Resting in pure consciousness is our happy place of equilibrium. All we do now is neutralise the results of karma, the product of previous decisions that we have to live through right now. We do this by no longer exaggerating, being over-stimulated and re-enacting.

Life isn’t a mess to entertain us.
It’s our training ground … or gentle bootcamp!

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