Forgetting And Remembering

We generally go through life oscillating between being conscious and not being conscious. We are involved in everydayness and, in between these activities, we come to our senses but then fall into vacancy until the next ‘attraction’. This how we traverse our day-dream world.

Consciousness is always present, but takes a back seat when it is attracted or reacts to some thing; we forget being conscious (which is our natural reality) and become involved and emotional about whatever distracted us, until we let go and are just conscious again – but unaware of that consciousness.

A meditation practitioner goes through the same process of being attracted or reacting to some thing, but it is here when we – consciousness – become aware and the mind brightens. It remembers its true nature and rests there, rather than getting involved. We remain conscious: this is wisdom in action.

Meditation is merely noticing that we forget. In that moment, we remember and let go. The more we meditate and go through this process, the more of a conscious being we become.

It’s not a matter of being ‘clever’ at meditation and sitting very still. It’s being aware that we forget. The more we are aware that we forget, the more we are conscious.

Unfortunately, the more we forget, the more ignorant we become.

Remembering; we live in reality.
Forgetting; we live in a fiction of our invention.
We oscillate through a dull rhythm.

The more we train, the more the oscillation become imperceptible,
until the moon and its reflection are seen as one.

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