Sharp Or Dull Intellect

Whether our intellect is sharp or dull doesn’t matter:
we all know when the sun is shining.

Within us is the ability to realise our true reality of pure consciousness which does not depend on our brain. This pure consciousness shines all the time. Anyone, at any time, can realise this. It’s not as complicated as some would have us believe. It has been made complicated by breaking down the teachings into parts, and giving those parts exotic names – which can go right over our heads. Even though we may nod in agreement, we need time to assimilate as accepting or rejecting becomes an obscuration in itself, which is a barrier to just seeing.

Don’t be put off by fancy names. Similarly, don’t store them up to sound ‘right’ by becoming a repeater. When others need help, it needs to be practical help, rather than theory.

The teaching is only about our reality of pure consciousness which is reading these words right now, while remaining neutral. It’s not something that we have to acquire.

What does it take to realise our true essence?

Leave it alone. Don’t be easily distracted, grasping at anything that comes along. Don’t try to impress. Remain neutral, without taking sides.

There is nothing wrong with the world. It is what it is. Criticising it is like saying dark is wrong, when dark is only the absence of light. People running amuck is only the absence of the wisdom which is actually present in all of us.

Wisdom is the recognition that we all have a good heart
– and that is all that’s needed.

And … to take a break from social and mainstream media.

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