Demons Are Merely Our Emotions

… and our path to enlightenment.

Once we acknowledge our emotions of pride, jealousy, desire, aversion, ignorance … our path starts to become practical and realistic. This acknowledgement is not a battle; it merely takes kindness, through the six perfections of compassion (for more detail, type ‘the six perfections’ in the search box at the bottom).

Want to see demons at work? We need to recognise our fixations as they arise. Just hearing a name, off we go! πŸ˜€ The very moment emotions are recognised, they vanish. That is the practice. Our demons don’t like the light, as it exposes our strong self-identity. These emotions become our guards that lie in ambush, ready to pounce on others. As this feels uncomfortable, we don’t see it, and pretend to not have emotions … or demons. To admit that we have pride, jealousy etc takes understanding.

When we shy away from acknowledging our emotions and how we really do feel, guilt arises (another emotion) and that becomes the behaviour of our life. Guilt makes us into victims, and we constantly feel vulnerable. Emotions don’t give up, as long as we are susceptible to holding on to a self image – ‘me and mine’ – which is promoted by others’ demons.

Demons have no reality.

Emotions feel real as they’re exciting,
but they don’t want to be exposed,
so they depend on us ignoring them.

Demons are our teacher. They pump us up to become wind-bags … or writer-bags πŸ˜€
Realising this, we are free of them, but they still bother others. As long as there are sentient beings, there is good and evil. In pure consciousness, however, there is neither good nor evil as there is no self-identity.

We can function well with a small social I,
and just enough ego to communicate and empathise.

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