Never Exaggerate Demons

Demons – our likes and dislikes – are always with us until enlightenment.

The images of demons that we’re familiar with are either in illustrations or horror films, and these have nothing to do with demonic activity. Demonic activity lurks in the shadows of our mind when we are judgemental, exaggerating our likes and dislikes as opposed to reflecting on a situation in the moment now.

If we don’t want to hear about demonic activity, we’re not ready for it as we dislike the idea due to misunderstanding. Hmm… We may like the ideas of angels and gurus. Hmm…

We fall for demonic likes and dislikes at every moment, and when they become permanent fixtures in our mind, we live in a demonic place. This is why we have to be self-aware, and never take our eye off the ball.

The higher we go, the more we see.

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