Tibetan Nyingma Tradition

This blog is in the Tibetan Nyingma tradition of Dzogchen, Rigpa and the three Kayas.
In this age of conflict, these words have to be practical.

It’s not a matter of acquiring a different culture; we are seeing what we already are within our own culture that we actually experience now.

The starting point is our emotions, which cause us suffering. Then we identify the us that is suffering, which is an imagined self-image. We then look for a practical method to end the oppressive tyranny of this self-identity. Finally, we practise, and realise that this self has no reality; it’s just a self-running programme originating from others’ ideas.

What sees?

What sees clearly?
Pure consciousness.

Dzogchen, Rigpa and the three Kayas are all the same;
pure kindness.

It’s what we are.

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