Mind: A Perception And Recording Machine

We may assume that it’s the mind which thinks. The mind is the software of information-programming that constructs our brain, which is the hard drive.

It is consciousness that thinks, and relies on the mind for the information that the senses have provided. We talk about my mind. Whose mind? Consciousness’s. We don’t talk about my consciousness, do we? If we did that, what would we go back to? If we don’t know what we are, that is the source of our confusion.

Those who think that they are their mind are merely walking, talking, recording machines, programmed by other social repeaters. If we ignore what is going on in our mind, we are not in control – the information is. When we talk to a repeater, it’s not much of a conversation πŸ™‚

Know what you are, rather then what you think you are.
Information is just programming.
This is why the Buddha said, β€œDon’t take my word for it; test it.”

Consciousness is only confused by what it believes. When consciousness stops believing, it then knows. Our problem is that we want to know something special, and ignore our original naturalness of pure consciousness that, in fact, doesn’t know anything. πŸ˜€

It is knowingness itself that doesn’t need to know much
to realise its enlightened essence.

It is consciousness that knows what the senses see, smell, hear, touch, taste. Ordinary, biased consciousness relies on memories to translate what it sees, and so it never sees anything anew, whereas it is the clear light of pure consciousness that sees without preconceptions.

We don’t have to feel guilty about becoming a repeater. We just need to be open to fresh, raw experiences, and then know that knowingness is taking place. That is pure consciousness.

As sentient beings, we are ordinary, confused consciousness; incomplete and partial.
As practitioners, we are pure, unadulterated consciousness; complete and absolute.

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