A Genuine Practitioner Is Practical

We all know that the world is ‘off’ in some way. When we only choose one or two aspects of this ‘off-ness’ and identify with them – making us ‘off’ as well – we do not see the complete picture. It’s a chain reaction! It has always been so.

Just because the world is ‘off’ doesn’t mean we have to be ‘off’ as well. As practitioners, we have to face our negativity to resolve its cause. To be a practitioner, one has to practise, and therefore we become practical. The practice is being aware that we are pure consciousness, empathetic and compassionate.

If we do not practise,
we will be neither practical nor empathetic.

For a practitioner, it’s all about others.
For a non-practitioner, it’s all about me.

Meditation doesn’t make us a practitioner; dropping the meditation does, because we realise the full extent of letting go of a me.

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