Expanding The Definition Of Love

Love is usually associated with desire or affection for particular people we know. This is the conventional love of attachment. It makes the world go round, and so creates opportunities for more beings to realise their true nature.

True love includes everyone, and is challenging. Love is expanded through empathy and understanding, letting go of being judgemental. We are all, in truth, enlightened nature, which we have the ability to realise.

We look, and see that others haven’t yet acknowledged this, but they know it at the back of their minds. It just has to be activated. We recognise the self-absorbed state, and this empathy equals love – not a battle weapon which we use to our advantage.

The same message has been heard throughout history; love is caring, without thought of self. If self is present, there is no love, but just attachment to ideas.

Love doesn’t think about love.
Love is understanding (standing under) the spiritual laws of the universe.

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