We Are A Patchwork Of Ideas

We are a patchwork of ideas that never quite fit together.

Because of events when we were young, we hold ideas about life, and then try to fit everything that comes along into those ideas, and it never works. This is how and why we remain confused.

It’s like trying to fit together two jigsaw puzzles into one picture. It won’t work!
It’s like sewing with a two-headed needle. It won’t work!

This is how people turn spiritual consciousness into a religion, as they have been primed in religious beliefs and songs about unknowable holiness when young. We are introduced to traumas of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ that become a fixation infecting our later encounters; even if we don’t like the idea of a deity above, no one can get away from this priming that has sown an idea.

Our minds are patchworks of confusion;
that’s why people do not make sense.

Once we realise the complete picture,
we know how everything fits together,
and how to take it apart.

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