The Dharma Is Pure Psychology

Ordinary psychology is the study of the mind on a conventional level. It can be used to understand how the thinking mind works or to sell ideas or, through conformity, it can return us to the factory floor. It is about understanding our unconscious behaviour in a materialistic world.

Dharma psychology is personally knowing the above, but also understanding more about why and how the mind thinks, realising the very essence of mind – consciousness – which leads to the realisation of pure consciousness and enlightenment.

Ordinary psychology does not lead to enlightenment;
it leads to conformity.

Dharma psychology leads to the realisation that we are what we seek;

Until we deduce this, we will stay in confusion, trying to make that which is already perfect fit into an imperfect, impermanent, immaterial (1. unimportant under the circumstances; irrelevant) world.

Once we know our true essence, the materialistic mentality of self-importance becomes our toy, our path to immaterial (2. spiritual, rather than physical) enlightenment.

If we mix up approaches to life, this will not enhance the perfect view of pure consciousness. By virtue of investigating the essence of one, however, the other can be known.

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