Clued-up Or Clueless

There are clues in life that show us the way to the true meaning of existence and non-existence – material and non-material. The word ‘clue’ comes from ‘clew’, meaning a ball of thread that guides a person through a labyrinth.

Labyrinth: a complicated irregular network of paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way; a maze; an intricate and confusing arrangement. 

There are clues to the purpose of life, about which we are generally ignorant. We have the ability to know, but may lack the interest to actually see and use these indicators.

Some paths/lives are adorned with entertaining enchantments of family, work, intellect which slow our progress as we want to enjoy it all. Other paths/lives are so prickly, boring and unsatisfactory that we do not want to linger too long, and actively look for knowledge that ultimately leads to wisdom and enlightenment.

This is why our paths are so different. They’re individual. It’s the same goal of enlightenment – the complete realisation of our essence; while understanding that the journey is different, the ultimate recognition is that there is nowhere to go. 😀

When we acknowledge that our path/life is unsatisfactory, we will look for clues to help release us from the conundrum of existence and non-existence.

The clues are there for when we are ready to let go of assumptions, and look.
When we look, the evidence is presented to us.

If we ignore the clues, that is our path.
If we acknowledge the clues, that is our path.

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