It’s Not What People Say That’s Matters

It’s not what people say that matters … it’s why they say it.

What we say is an expression of our level of understanding, and whatever we want to project. We have to be aware of ulterior motives, which are are intentionally hidden, and beyond what is obvious or admitted.

There are sweet talkers and stir-uppers, both of whom elicit a response and affect our behaviour. A steady diet of global distraction and word associations weaves a confused web in our minds. Context is all important.

Context: from Latin contextus, from con-‘together’ + texere‘to weave’.

When we actually know our original essence of uncontaminated consciousness, anything that then disturbs this should be questioned. How often are we drawn into staring at an internet site and scrolling down hypnotically? As long as we are gazing mindlessly, we forget our original essence; we lose consciousness in favour of the next excitement, and remain gormless.

Gormless: From gaum (heed, attention) +‎ -less (without)

Why do people say what they say?
They want us to enter and be enchanted by their world.

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