Our Mind Is Our Prison

Our mind is our prison; the guards are our thoughts, which become beliefs. Thoughts placed in the mind limit our perception, experiences and understanding, and it is because of these beliefs that we do not see accurately.

Believing does not mean that we know. Something may have happened in the past, and we formed preconceived ideas or opinions before having direct evidence of truth now, gained through experience. From the ultimate view, truth is only now.

We can cut through the bars of these preordained thoughts by catching them as they arise, and before they fully activate the prison walls.

When we know our original essence of pure clarity, which is pure consciousness, we no longer re-enact our imprisoned regime.

In meditation, we see the bars = duality.
In non-meditation, the bars do not exist = non-duality.
Non-duality is dropping the method, once clarity is realised.

Don’t be wound-up by the media wind-up:
that is the prison’s re-creation yard!

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