Pure Consciousness Is Never Obscured

Pure consciousness has to be realised,
rather than thinking, “I get it”.

Pure consciousness is consciousness that has realised it is empty of contamination. It is always present; it is what we are. That’s why I cannot find it! 🙂

It can only be realised through meditation, and dropping the meditation. That which is called mindfulness meditation is just taking care, and remembering what we are. Being stuck in mindfulness is an intellectual trap. Once we remember what we are intellectually, we drop mindfulness for actually resting in pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is so simple that it gets dismissed as ordinary or boring because of the sort of life we lead, always looking for something more interesting to do. Desire is what this crazy world is all about!

It is because of these desires that the mind becomes filled with ideas and concepts which divide us, and it is this filter that distracts pure consciousness – hence the expression, “seeing through a glass darkly”.

Pure consciousness is like space:
whatever happens,
pure consciousness and space never change or become obscured.

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