Have Religion And Science Been Hijacked?

By whom?
By the facade of benefit.

We are lured into beliefs, and because we are lethargic (from Greek: lēthargos ‘forgetful),’ we don’t bother seeking any further than whatever we are told. That assumption is belief, and belief is acceptance without proof.

As long as there is a feeling of benefit, we will go along with an idea, but won’t see the consequences. Belief allows us to chug along in the hope of better things to come.
(chug – move slowly making regular muffled sounds, like a slow dull engine).

Religion and science are all about hopes and fears. Believing either one, we practise diligently and so we will get better at it while, in reality, our chug-boat is just chugging along, going round in circles.

If all this resulted in the realisation of enlightenment, it would all make sense. The realisation that pure consciousness is already enlightened is far from our humdrum experience.

Everything that we do we believe to be of benefit, but it soon turns out that we have merely joined the hijackers, chug chug chugging along.

To capture humanity, all that needs to be done is to enhance and elaborate materialism and etherealism.

Evil encourages futile diligence, which is pointless.
Goodness is wellbeing with whatever occurs, bringing about the dissolution of our karmic beliefs.

It’s a happy sadness.
The realisation of disappointment and relief,
resulting from the discovery that something we were lead to believe
is false.

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