Under The Cover Of Incompetence

Under the cover of incompetence,
we believe what we see.

Supposed incompetence is how this world is run,
and we fall for it every time.

As long as we are identifying with incompetence,
we won’t be looking behind the scenes.

When we believe others to be incompetent, we focus on that and forget the back story of what led up to now, and what the effect is, without ever actually seeing the reality. We may recognise that things are unsatisfactory – and may even know the solution – but they will still happen because we fail to drop the elaborate illusion.

Buyer beware!

If we only take things at face value – accepting someone or something to be true without  considering whether they really are what they claim to be – we may be living in the exaggerations of others.

Buyer beware!
Know what is in your mind.

How did it get there?
Unconscious influences.

How to deal with this?
Defrag: clean your mind of bias to increase performance.


Once we are free,
no one can pull the wool over our eyes – or consciousness – ever again.

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