Where Did/Do We Go Astray?

According to ancient teachings, we – consciousness – have been trekking through the universe, driven by habitual ignorance of our true reality beyond time, and so, every sentient being has been our mother … That is mind-boggling. Were we once enlightened, and fell into ignorance?

We can re-cognise the truth when it’s presented to us, so there may be something that we once knew but forgot. This is happening this right now, until we remember … and then forget again 🙂

Consciousness became over-excited about being and, through clinging to desires, developed a self-image to beentertained.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” – Jesus.
What we do is merely the maintenance of this self-image.

Learning is a process of evolution.

Entertainoriginally meant ‘maintain, continue’, later ‘maintain in a certain condition, treat in a certain way’, also ‘show hospitality’ (late 15th century).

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