Deceit and Belief And Path

Deceit: deliberately causing someone to believe something that is not true.
Belief: acceptance that something is true, without proof.
Path: direction in which a person is moving.

We are constantly deceived by the unenlightened to believe in some thing or other, and that becomes our path if we are faint-hearted. Where is that path going, and where did it come from? Does our life have a point to it?

There are two truths in the universe which came through the Indo-Persian region almost 3000 years ago; not two versus the one. A curious difference. This divided the planet into the paths of non-duality (pure consciousness) and duality (me and God). And of course, we have to include those who don’t care 🙂
Which path are we on?

Truth did not originate somewhere; truth is constant and never-deviating.
We are either guardians of absolute truth (pure consciousness), or prisoners of relative truth (constantly relating to the external).

Not everyone can tell the truth.
Are we thirsty for the truth, or do we make do?

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