We Are Profound Beings With Deep Insight

We are profound beings with deep insight.
And what do we do?!
We ‘enrich’ ourselves with trivial entertainment.
Why is that?
It’s what we are familiar with.
Why is that?
We are brought up with it.
Why is that?
Historically, evil has never wanted humanity
to become familiar with its true reality.

Evil governance wants people to live in a state of dreamy forgetfulness and idleness, spending their precious time in indulgence, rather than dealing with practical matters of truth.

We should be a contemplative society, evaluating levels of consciousness, and not binding ourselves to partisan beliefs, limping along in dull confusion.

Act like an enlightened being.
Once we are familiar with this,
profound insight raises the levels of consciousness.

Don’t take my word for this:
contemplate on it.

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