Why Do I Write So Much?

Every day, we hear and read total nonsense which has a subconscious influence on people: this happens at an alarming rate.

There is so much ‘information’ that we just give up being critical. Machiavellian and unscrupulous politicians take advantage of our fears and hopes, and that affects our mental and physical wellbeing.

Those in authority do not care about our spiritual welfare and the clarification of consciousness. They haven’t a clue what that is because they get nothing out of it. No fame, no gain. They want us to believe in a personality instead. It doesn’t matter which side we take, as long as we are divided. The media is all about getting us to adopt a point of view and take sides, thus creating disharmony, dissatisfaction and reactions.

Unfortunately, spiritual groups offer sentimental harmony, sentimental satisfaction and sentimental reactions.

Protection from all this chaos and confusion lies in knowing that we are, first and foremost, consciousness – pure and simple. Ignorance of this knowledge is the blueprint for our reactions and behaviour.

It is our mental health that is at stake.
Been there, done that.

Information makes us pedantic
–  over-scrupulous and excessively concerned with minor details or rules 
and that separates us.

Seeing is not believing; seeing is knowing.
And we need to be reminded, moment by moment.

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