Banning Free Speech

There seems to be a co-ordinated effort to ban what we say.
This will not stop what we think and how we think.
This will not stop what we see and how we see.
Even the Buddha couldn’t do that!

Unenlightened people have different views,
and so they find fault with one another.
This is a common human trait.

A silly example: UK government officials want to ban the word ‘Christmas’ so as not to offend others’ beliefs. Are these officials going to ban others’ words so as not to offend Christians?
People are always offended if we don’t think the same way as them.

This is all about being as ridiculous as possible to see how far people can be controlled in their thinking – even the Buddha couldn’t do that!

What they are doing is creating hatred by encouraging people to be offended. ‘Woke’ means being politically and socially aware = highlighting faults = fuelling hatred.

As long as people are unenlightened and don’t know their true reality, there will be natural divisions. Fuelling these divisions is part of Mara’s dividing and conquering of humanity. Mara is a self-serving agenda enacted through fashioning emotions into a society.

We need free thinking that is free of bias on our path to enlightenment.

Mara: Lord of the senses, the Lord of death, evil one.

Mara tempted Gautama before he became a Buddha, and actually helped him to gain enlightenment; it is also our guide to enlightenment.

Evil is not all bad; it is our guide!
If we are not tested, we’re just fodder for others’ purposes.
The more stumbling blocks on the path, the clearer the signs.

(For me, the reason to write a blog was because there are things I could never say in Dharma groups. I wasn’t free to speak, and had to just toe the line – to do what was expected and follow along. Once we realise that we’re actually free spirits, we have a great responsibility or duty) 🙂

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  1. Larry says:

    Very offensive post. I think you should be Cancelled 🤣

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