How To Cancel Ego

Ego actually comes and goes 
– although for some, it’s more of a permanent fixture!

Ego is just consciousness adhering to beliefs and maintaining a competitive state between self and others. Beliefs, like opinions and assumptions, are accepted as truth without proof; we may not know the backstory.

Drop the belief, and we are in reality. How?

Practise bringing to mind someone whom you dislike, with all those qualities that put you into a wrathful spasm of intermittent explosive disorder! 😀

Now drop that feeling altogether. Just let go as, after all, that person was once an innocent child, just like you. Rest there, at peace. Now bring the image back again, and drop it again … this is becoming familiar with the ego-effect.

When we drop beliefs and opinions about whatever we experience, we are in a state of not knowing – but there is still a knowingness present. That is consciousness. Pure knowingness/consciousness is realised through the practice of non-meditation.

Ego presents itself from time to time. When our button is pushed, this becomes the catalyst for wisdom, and the practice of reducing the effects of karma.

Ego is Mara*-activity;
When you see emotions in action, feel blessed!
😀 😀 😀

Know ego – no ego.

*Mara is the lord of negative emotions.

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