Warmed Up And Ready To Go

Once we are warmed up, we are ready to go.

Having a good enough understanding of pure consciousness and whatever obscures it, we are ready to face life – our constant teacher – on our own. We don’t have to keep going back to a centre for warming up: we can jog, run, skid, adjust – and still keep going.

Never doubt either what we are, or our abilities.

If we feel that we have to keep returning to a guru, we are relying on the guru to jog, run and skid for us. The more we read and hear, the more attached or fastened we become. The more we doubt, the more we will return.

We can be just as confident and cute as a guru.

Being cute means being attractive in an endearing way,
but also clever and shrewd.

The qualities of cute are the very qualities
need on our path to enlightenment.

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