Knowing The World We Live In

Knowing the world we live in,
and why we really have to wake up.

Whatever is presented to us has the opposite effect and is meant to;
this was the key to George Orwell’s prophetic book, “1984”.

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war; the Ministry of Truth with lies; the Ministry of Love with division and the Ministry of Plenty with rationing. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.

Where Orwell got his theme from:
The use of contradictory names in this manner may have been inspired by the British and American governments; during the Second World War, the British Ministry of Food oversaw rationing (the name “Ministry of Food Control” was used in World War I) and the Ministry of Information restricted and controlled information, rather than supplying it. In the US, the War Department was abolished and replaced with the “National Military Establishment” in 1947, and then became the Department of Defense in 1949, right around the time that “1984” was published.”
(from Wikipedia)

All events in the media, advertising and even religion portray images that are counter to the reality, trying to make us appear inclusive when they actually create division.

This not only plays with our bias and confusion, it misdirects consciousness always to look the other way, rather than within. Deceit is a war on consciousness, and always has been.

Nano-ideas are placed in our subconscious.

Once we know the truth of our reality,
nano-ideas are easy to spot on the face of ‘health & safety’.
Appearances and recognition are simultaneous to pure consciousness.

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