Meditation? You Must Be Out of Your Mind!

The mind is full of thoughts, likes and aversions. It’s the software on the hard drive of our brain, and is very dear to us. We are consciousness that is usually so involved with this software that is obsessed by these thoughts, believing them to be ‘us’. It’s like looking in a mirror and assuming that the reflection is what we are. A simple deception.

Merely being aware of this activity is meditation. Trying to stop the insane cacophony of discordant opinions only makes it worse, as this becomes mental gymnastics.

Being aware of the breath and letting those thoughts be, the mind gradually calms down, and we relax. Here, we are still involved in the process, and that’s okay.

The energies in the body gradually calm, and we become still in body and mind. Gradually, consciousness realises that it is at perfect peace, and the ‘meditation’ drops away. That is non-duality, and the esoteric realisation of what has been kept secret. From time to time, we drop the process for a moment to be sure that we aren’t clinging to a ‘state’. Dropping is just more relaxation.

It’s not a secret that has been denied us;
consciousness was just too busy being slothful. 🙂

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