The Exotic Mask, Or Common As Muck?

Exotic: foreign, or outside.
It can also mean ‘foreign to us’, and can be the reason we want to move up a social class. We’re attracted by colourful or unusual characteristics, and therefore dissociate with the common, and enthuse to make us appear uncommon … a bit special. 🙂

We put on “airs and graces”, a false way of behaving that’s intended to make other people feel that we are important and belong to a high social class, acting as if we are superior. It is derived from the French word, “air”, meaning appearance.

Common as muck: very ordinary, of a low social class. Nothing special.
From a Buddha’s point of view, Buddhahood is nothing special, as a Buddha sees all sentient beings as Buddha nature. We are all, in essence, unique pure consciousness; that being so, we are nothing special. We are all Buddhas in the muck 🙂

Taking a high seat creates idolatry
the worship of a cult image or idol
as though it were God or Buddha.

The goal is within,
and not foreign to us.

In revering the high seat rather than looking inside,
we will remain needy and bound.

Being common as muck
there is nothing to defend,
and no need to take offence.

It’s a lovely place to be! 😀

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