Better The Devil You Know … 

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

The devil has always been our own ego; our likes and dislikes. Our self-image, nice as we think we are, is immersed in a personal dungeon of existence, and wants others to join it.

The only devil out there is the egos of others, and some of those are quite large. 😀 If we imagine that the devil is only out there, we may think (wrongly) that there is no devil in here. As long as we remain in self-interest, there is a devil in here.

Devils are very skilful and determined in all walks of life, and use subconscious little tricks to get their way.

Self-analysis is done by being aware that pure consciousness sees all – the all-seeing ultimate reality. All we have to do is look and see, and we’re free – that’s if we genuinely drop all identity. If we refuse to look, that is the devil at work. It’s the difference between holding on and letting go.

Peace on Earth will come
when the majority recognise the little devils
– and the quite large devils 🙂 –
at work.

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