Are We Undermined?

Undermine: to lessen effectiveness, power, or ability gradually and insidiously.

We have tremendous power of full realisation into the nature of our true reality,
but we are given toys (ideas) and fears (ideas) to play with instead;
these occupy us and we ignore the inner feeling
that there is more to us.

Why do you think that is?

I spent my early life being stupid and dazed,
unable to think clearly.


Quite simply, my mind was fogged by believing what I was told,
even though, intuitively, it never felt right.

That feeling is The Buddha In The Mud.

Understand your self better than others do,
or they’ll just give you more toys to play with.

Once un-fogged, th
ere’s no going back.Evil’s weapon of choice; a fogged, muddy mind.

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