Catching Your Breath

The road to sanity.

Until we can count ten exhalations of breath without following a thought, our thoughts will be in control of us (unless we are daft enough to think we are our thoughts 🙂 )

Breathe normally and gently, counting each exhalation of the breath. If we find that we have followed a thought, we go back to one and start again.

It isn’t a matter at being good at this exercise. It’s a matter of recognising how easily we drift off into thoughts and day-dreams. That means we are not in control; our thoughts are.

These thoughts are our collective programming. Notice how much of this world wants us distracted. We are being brain-washed by thoughts, and we act on them throughout our lives, rarely waking up.

Some adepts do this breathing practice 21 or 108 times.

Each of us can do it anywhere, at any time
– even for a moment, we can bring ourselves back to reality and sanity.

This is mind training, or meditation.
Watching the breath … what could be simpler?
You’d think … 😀

Even if we give up, the programming doesn’t.

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