Another Pointing Out Instruction

The pointing out instruction into the nature of mind is synonymous with doubt as to whether we actually see this nature or not. We can easily become confused, and lost in a cacophony of religious sounds. 😀

The nature or essence of mind is consciousness. It’s what we are that perceives, and is before any adaptations which may intervene due to mind’s previous experiences, and what we have read/heard which create memories and judgements.

‘Seeing it’ is the confusion.

We cannot see it, as we are it.
When we drop all identity,
consciousness becomes pure consciousness.

Through training the mind, ordinary perception can be realised as being empty of any fabrications. It is these very fabrications – ideas about our self – that cause confusion, because consciousness identifies with them, and becomes upset when others’ fabrications don’t match ours.

When consciousness forgets its purity of just seeing,
it becomes ordinary sentient consciousness,
filling the mind with facts and predispositions.

When consciousness remembers its purity of just seeing,
mind becomes extraordinary,
and spontaneously allows inner messengers to present new beginnings.

Stop trying to work it out.
It’s not a maths problem
– it’s authentic experience.

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