Our Problem: We Get Used To It

Ideas are projected into our minds; if images are repeated enough times, they become our normal without us realising it. Those who study the mental characteristics and attitudes of people or groups watch us settle into our routine or practice, which is hard to give up. Consumerism is about selling ideas, and these days, because of technology, selling an idea can go global in an instant.

When we get used to something, it entertains us
– without us realising it.

The problem isn’t out there.
It’s our inattention that makes us easy prey,
as we are lulled into false realities.

Lower consciousness indicates an underlying propensity to fear.
There is therefore no seeing, and no freeing
and we transcend into various levels of despair.

Meditation is watching and realising our habitual behaviour;
we become our own psychologists.
Seeing is freeing, and we transcend into a higher consciousness.

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