Traumas Are Memories

Traumas are memories:
this is how we live our lives.

We all have memories, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Even a look or a word can stay with us for life. It’s a sticky residue. 🙂

Traumas can be personal, or in a family or a society. We can ‘catch’ traumas from others, and have to walk on egg shells around them … and some of them – the narcissists – know this and exploit it.

All media, advertising, art, music, films, stories, politics, religion can create trauma – those little do’s and don’ts that others obey. Even in spiritual groups, someone can exaggerate their manner, because of their trauma of wanting to appear ‘good’, and so pressure is created in others. Been on the end of that sentimental fantasy! 😀

Trauma is catching, like a virus. It’s how the masses can be put into a panic. The fear of fear. The idea of enlightenment put me into a turmoil! 😀

We can heal all these thought patterns of behaviour by seeing that everyone is affected. These memories or thoughts are not what we are, but they do have an effect on us. We/consciousness observe this coming and going – it all comes to pass, and has no reality.

At the heart of consciousness is pure emptiness. It’s that open heart that understands. Pure consciousness expresses itself as unconditional love, compassion and empathy. Unconditional love doesn’t rely on conditions, while conditional love does – it’s picky and sticky!

Our thoughts are traumas that cause suffering, and therefore these traumas – our confusion – are our path to enlightenment. Just realise that it’s all an illusion, although it feels real.

Evil want us to believe it’s all real.
Realise that it isn’t.

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