Humanity’s Disorientation

Disorientated: having lost one’s sense of direction; confused, and unable to think clearly.

Two and a half thousand years ago, humans probably knew more about absolute reality than we do now. We have become reliant on what our ‘betters’ tell us: we went their way, and so lost our way.

When we wake up, the dream-disorientation-machine cannot work – no audience 🙂

For every negative, there is a positive.
Understanding this, we re-orientate,
and negative emotions become wisdom.

Facing the right way
is realising the essence of consciousness.

We are the essence of consciousness.
Relying on someone else’s essence of consciousness
merely maintains doubt.

Our path out of endarkenment
is realising that our confusion never, ever existed.

The reason for our confusion answers all questions.

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