Progress Is Letting Go

To take a step forward, we have to release the previous step.

Progress isn’t an accumulation of teachings with strange exotic names; those are merely reminders.
To ascend the levels, we have to drop previous acquisitions – it’s all noise.

This is about an open mind (willingness) and open heart (consciousness). There is a shock in realising that we have been relying on theories, beliefs and assumptions – which is what our thoughts are made
of … filters!

It’s easier to be negative than positive.

Negativity just spreads doubt, a feeling of why bother, hesitation,
indecision, confusion, lack of confidence … and it’s obstinate.

Being positive takes generosity, patience, discipline,
morality and concentration, leading to wisdom.
Positivity spreads confidence.

Be a light-house and shine.


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  1. Mark says:

    Think this is true in so many levels. For me its even true on the more subtle levels of meditation. Sometimes i catch myself going through certain techniques I’ve learned as though I have to tick certain boxes in order to have ‘meditated’ 😂😂 Sometimes that’s my whole practice and it feels a bit like a pointless mechanical exercise …like I’ve gone to the equivalent if the gym and gone through the motion of lifting weights without really doing it. Othertimes it out of nowhere I experience something more subtle and genuine…like I suddenly become aware of the ‘thing’ that is seeing my mechanicalness and for a brief while I go beyond the mechanical into something more real. It’s a good lesson though in that it teaches me training is good because techniques and some knowledge is useful but once the training is done we have to drop it. I remember my king Fu teacher telling me something along the lines of ‘if you ever get into an actual fight, forget everything I’ve told you and just fight’ – think he had a point

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,

      This come under the umbrella of “happening”, an improvised spontaneous occurrence.

      In other words the Art of Life.


    • tony says:

      When I used to fence, we’d train and hone techniques in the gym, but in competition, you fight!

      Meditation is training; life is the meditation in action!


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