Who Or What Created Self?

Who or what created self?
God? Chemicals? Karma?

The creationists and the evolutionists present obvious arguments. There is another possibility, but it won’t suit everyone. What created this moment of us being here? The previous moment. This is karma at work.

What is karma? Karma is the consequences of all previous actions, ie causes and effects.

It’s undeniable that there is a cause for anything that is created. We are born with certain tendencies – inclined towards a particular characteristic or type of behaviour. Why is that?

Some might say these tendencies are inherited, but we notice that siblings can be very different. We may have certain mannerisms (traumas 🙂 ), but our inner view is totally different that to our parents or surroundings.

This could be due to reincarnation. “The Tibetan Book Of The Dead” (a guide to life) suggests that it is karma that drives us into a certain body at conception, due to our tendencies. It is we who create our self – we being consciousness – facilitated by the laws of nature. Consciousness identifies with a set of ideas and seeks a form to express these ideas or concepts.

Misguided consciousness maintains these tendencies right now. This self is a product of concepts, created by our ignorance of our true nature of pure consciousness.

Until we realise this true essence,
we will transmigrate.
Until then, we remain record players,
repeating the same old songs.

Where is the evidence?
We are predictable.

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