There Are Many Approaches To Realising Truth

There are many approaches to realising truth
– intellectual, ritual, experiential –
such that suits our temperament.

We all approach Dharma with some understanding, a process, and a feeling.
It isn’t mechanical.

Spirituality isn’t a mystery. It’s what we are; consciousness. It is belief, misunderstanding and following others blindly that makes Dharma into a religion. Consciousness isn’t unknowable; it’s logical and reasonable, and it’s that which perceives. Chanting mantras is an inspiring reminder and support.

The goal is realising that consciousness is emptiness.
It’s the pure state, free of concepts.

Dropping that realisation,
we drop any attachment.

Pure consciousness is direct seeing, without judgements. We need judgements in the practical world in order to know what is beneficial and what is harmful, but we needn’t become judgemental.
One is a momentary experience, while the other is a mind-set for life.

There are practices such as meditation which can help us, but meditation can spoil pure consciousness as meditation is merely a method to clear and settle the mind. Once clear, we let go of all meditations. That’s when non-duality is realised.

There is the form, and there is essence.
Don’t get stuck in either.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent presentation:
    Pure consciousness is direct seeing, without judgements and names.
    Direct and unconditional perception!
    Easy to perceive in logic,
    and damn difficult to empty all the garbage loaded on by back …NOW.

    • tony says:

      As you indicate, our ultimate nature is simple and easy to understand, but the garbage we acquire through ‘selective’ misinformation is challenging.

      Undoing these karmic knots of misinformation is our path. All we have to do is acknowledge the effects, and drop them like hot cakes.

      That release we then feel is genuine happiness. Happiness is the relief from suffering.


  2. Zoe Smith says:

    I really appreciate this post for highlighting the importance of understanding the distinction between direct seeing and judgement. It is so essential to be mindful of the difference and to strive for a non-judgmental attitude. It is also great to be reminded of the importance of meditation and other practices as tools to help us on our path. Thank you!

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