Conscious Bias Creates The Biased Unconscious

We follow too easily like sheep, and take for granted that whatever we are told is true. Acquiring partial information, we misunderstand and assume that this partial information is right. The result is that we lose any sense of right and wrong, or of completeness and incompleteness.

If we are learning, we don’t come to any conclusion until we have put the information into practice, and then we know. In making a decision based on incomplete information, we have to live with the consequences, and so do all those around us. 🙂

We cannot blame others who misunderstand.
It’s a tough world to live in.

Because we hear or read something doesn’t mean it – or we – are correct. As long as we remain open-minded, we cannot go wrong, as it means we have possibilities. The truth is in the seeing, rather than whatever is seen, read or heard.

This is why the most important advice I have ever read is,
“Do not take my word for the truth; test it for yourself.”
– Gautama Buddha.

Put it into practice and see.

If we just believe,
we are not seeing the complete, unbiased truth that is seeing.

That is pure consciousness.

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