Dharma Is Knowledge Of Knowing

The world is divided up into
those who do not want to know,
those who think they know,
those who want to know,
and those who know.

Those who do not want to know or think they know
are the most hostile.

Those who want to know, or know, ask questions.

This video by Dr John Campbell shows two Australian senators, one asking questions and the other explaining. Neither are hostile or silent. The second senator, Gerard Rennick, speaks in great detail at 7.30 minutes, about the MNRA vaccine and how it actually works. Basically, he is saying that nano particles are so small that they flow from the capillaries to the main blood supply that can affect all the organs in the body (the vaccine is supposed to stay within the muscle which is why aspirating an injection is so important to check that it isn’t entering a vein).

Notice how empty the chamber is. The question is why? What do they know? Why the silence?


This covers all approaches to any subject,
and is how the world is run or ruined.

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