Finding Confidence In Our Path

If we don’t agree with a narrative, are we disloyal or treacherous? Are we domestic terrorists or hate criminals? This is how psycho-babble gibberish creates division, and is intent on destroying our clarity of mind by causing doubt.

We may follow a spiritual leader, but find that we do not totally agree with the form the teachings take – the culture of ritualisation. The essence of the teaching may be sound, but the interpretation may not fit into ordinary life. This can happen to the extent that we no longer live in our culture, but adopt another’s.

We are sewing with a two-headed needle if we follow others’ confusion-path rather than our own confusion-path 🙂 In reality, our practical-path is freeing any confusion about our original essence.

People who are easily upset lack confidence, and this shows in their nano-aggression. True confidence is natural empathy, understanding why people are the way they are.

The balanced picture is the middle way, letting go of like and dislike.

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