The Shock Of Delusion

Delusion: believing any thing that is not true.

First, we have to know what is true before we can recognise delusion. Truth is proven reality, constant and never-changing.

So what is constant? No thing is constant; things have a beginning, middle and end, and are created by a formula of causes and conditions. Believing things to be real is delusional.

If we believe things are real when they are not, then our thoughts are delusional as well. Delusion is therefore a mental disorder – we are not seeing clearly!

When we analyse in this way, it’s quite a shock
to see that we believe everything.

The ultimate question is: what is real or constant and provable?
There are three provable non-things – space, formula and consciousness – that never change, but have a purity.

Space is infinite.
Formula is the laws of nature: attraction, repulsion and inertia, synonymous with desire, fear and ignorance.
Consciousness is that by which everything can be known.

Purified space is mind’s emptiness, cognisance and compassion.
Purified formula is the wisdom of emptiness, cognisance and compassion.
Purified consciousness is emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Anything else is delusional.
The shock is that we live within the social routines of beliefs.
How often do we come out of our routine?

And meditation?
We have to drop the meditation as well.

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