Facing Death

What may happen after death is hearsay, but it’s worth considering as it has a psychological effect on our behaviour now. Facing death is exactly the same as facing life.

Some may believe that there is consciousness after death, and some not. Most don’t want to think about this subject at all, so their life is one of psychological indifference.

We may be anxious about death,
feeling we’re not perfect enough.
That, in truth, is not correct.

We may also feel we’re not perfect enough to face life.
This is also incorrect.

All we need to know is that phenomena projected on to our mind is not our actual reality. Our reality is pure knowingness – pure consciousness.

We may not be the best meditators, but if we are aware of both pure, ethereal consciousness and the illusory clutter in the mind, that – in itself – leads to a confident life, and a fearless death.

When we think of ourselves as products,
we fear being consumed by death.

When pure, ethereal consciousness is realised,
there is no product to die.

Our essential nature is already enlightened.
We just doubt.

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6 Responses to FACING DEATH

  1. If only people could die before they die.

  2. If only they could let go of the religion that teaches them to fear death in the first place.

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